How to avoid pessimization of the site with the help of specialized programs

Maintaining your own website requires the user to pay constant attention to all the details that can harm its systematic promotion and destroy the already created foundation. The modern Internet implies compliance with a number of rules and compliance with several requirements in order to stay afloat and gradually rise up, and not sink into the depths of the network, which almost no one gets to. And one of these rules is the need to post high–quality and unique content. This is the basis of all success, because the absence of any useful information on the resource or copied texts with zero percent uniqueness will lead to the pessimization of the site, when it will gradually decrease in search results, until it ceases to be reflected there at all.

Lowering the site's position can be done both automatically and manually. The corresponding bots are responsible for automation, which carefully check the activities of each resource and its third-party contacts. If signs of black SEO are detected in the process, such as massive fraud, the use of bots and spam mailings, then the site will stop appearing in search queries. Everything happens manually in a similar way, only a specialist with the necessary level of knowledge, familiar with the current rules and able to make a decision on his own will monitor the processes.

To avoid pessimization of the site, the user will need to follow much more rules than a few years. It is necessary to strictly follow the established recommendations and not resort to fraudulent schemes for the sake of cheating traffic. And, first of all, it is necessary to take care of the quality of the articles presented on the resource, since they will be checked first.

How to get unique content and avoid pessimization

Each site, regardless of its subject and focus, is created to provide some kind of information. It can be an educational portal where various techniques and training are laid out, it can be an educational resource with useful knowledge, it can be a store where it tells about some service or product. Even if this site is entirely dedicated to manure, manure has many different types and applications, each of which requires its own mention. From this we can make a simple conclusion that the main component of each resource is the content that fills it.

When thinking about how to bring a site to the top, you initially need to think about where to get unique content so as not to spend a lot of effort, time and money. And the answer to this question will be the A-Feed plugin, with which you can auto-fill the site without unnecessary effort and avoid pessimization. Among the advantages of this method of filling the site, there are several obvious points:

  • The plugin for automatic site filling, as you can guess from the name, works in automatic mode. Initially, the user purchases a program for eternal use and opens the settings menu, where he adds all the RSS feeds that he can find. The number of possible feeds to add is infinite, which means that the plugin will always be able to find relevant texts for the resource using all available sources.
  • When configuring the program, the user immediately prescribes the keywords that need to be guided. If this is still the same site about manure, then this is the word in all its declensions that needs to be spelled out. Then, looking through one of the feeds, the plugin will find texts that have the word manure in the title and will copy them for further placement.
  • The analysis of the tapes can be performed in any language, so the entire World Wide Web opens to the user. It is only necessary that the site be on WordPress, but there are most of them in the world, so there will be no problems here. This is exactly how the texts are unified by the plugin – it finds a suitable article and translates it into the desired language, which makes it possible to obtain unique and original content, which, perhaps, is not yet available in this language segment at all.
  • The plugin is also equipped with a hypertranslation function, due to which the same text can be translated several times. Russian Russian text, for example, was originally written in Russian, and it is needed in Russian again. But if you just copy the work, it will be non-unique and the site may be pessimized. Then the plugin takes the text, translates it into English, then into French, and translates the final version into Russian. The components in this multi–pass combination can be any, but the result is the same - the text will receive a sufficient percentage of uniqueness due to the fact that during all translations many words will be replaced with synonyms, as well as their order will change. The same function is useful if the text from another language has already been translated earlier, and you need to make a new translation that will differ from the original one.
  • The number of articles found and published depends only on the user's desire. In order for a site to be considered truly filled with content, it will take several hundred works, but sometimes this number can reach thousands. It is important to focus not on numbers, but on the subject. It is necessary that a user who visits a particular site for the first time finds an answer to any of his questions. On the website about cats there should be not only stories about what wonderful animals they are, but also descriptions of all, even the rarest breeds, features of courtship, feeding, bathing, clipping claws and much more, so that a person who only yesterday got a cat for the first time, today already knows everything that he can You'll need it. Accordingly, the required number of texts will depend on the fullness of the topic. You can publish at least thousands of similar texts, but still not answer several important questions, which is why readers who have spent a lot of time searching for the necessary information will be disappointed and will not recommend this resource to other users. Therefore, you need to keep track of which texts are published on the site and which others may be required, directing the plugin in the right direction.
  • At the same time, all articles will meet modern requirements, because it is not enough that the texts are unique. There are also a number of other requirements that can protect against pessimization. For example, the works should be more than 500 characters in size, should not be spammed with keywords and should form a normal and understandable text.

With the help of A-Feed, each owner of his own website will be able to provide him with regular and high-quality content, only occasionally tracking the process of work. In this case, the plugin for filling the site replaces several actions at once: you do not need to spend your time on self-preparation and verification of articles, you do not need to spend a lot of money on hiring professional copywriters who can make high-quality articles, but will require serious expenses. There will be no need to waste energy on constant unification and monitoring of the current state of affairs.

Using the plugin to fill the site will have a positive effect on the state of the resource and its promotion to the top positions of search queries. It will be possible to quickly and efficiently fill the resource with relevant and unique information, as well as take care of protection from possible pessimization. You can check the current status of the site on the Webmaster, and in the future it is recommended to regularly monitor the information in order to respond promptly in case of the first signs of a drop in current indicators.