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A-Feed App
The best solution for populating your WordPress site
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The best plug-in/extension according to WPCustom website/company
Plugin is compatible with WordPress version 5.0 and above
The official version is only for sale on this site.
Specific functions of plug-in A-Feed
The Main function of this plugin is to gather, sort and place news from other websites on your site. It does it by automatically searching through RSS feeds, picks only appropriate articles and without leaving out images, or taglines. The bottom line - Your site will only have the best content. Takes 10 minutes to setup
Endless collection of RSS Feeds
Works on the schedule that you setup. Set It and Forget It
Scheduled article placement on your site
Unique texts
Text translation available with the help of Yandex Cloud
Multiple formats
A-Feed statistics
Our plugin is the best in its class, according to multiple experts. The premium version contains all of the above options. Free options has limited functionality.
Number of RSS feeds
You can use multitude of article sources. One source may be used multiple time with different settings.
Get it straight from the source or upload yourself
Refresh timeline
Feed refresh can also be triggered manually, as needed by the user
Number of posts
With one download, you can place up to 100 news clippings from one source
Any written format
Запись, страница, портфолио, опубликовано, черновик, на рассмотрении и так далее
Full Auto-Formatting
A-Feed plugin will fully automate the news placement on your site. Including lead text, imaging and hyperlinks.
Categorize and Tag
Auto-tagging is available in the plugin settings
A-Feed can filter the text for your site based on the list of your keywords
R Feed works with Yandex Cloud to translate texts into the language of your choosing. *Yandex Cloud requires paid subscription
Go from Russian to English and back to Russian. Brand new content every time!
infinite number of RSS
feeds automation of feed crawling
writing to Page format
status of posts - draft
any available recording format
translation and hypertranslation
100% automation
unlimited license
The best solution for populating your WordPress site
Plugin is compatible with WordPress version 5.0 and above