Self-completion of a WordPress site using a special plugin

The development and maintenance of your own website, regardless of its orientation and purpose, involves the implementation of two main stages. Initially, the user needs to take care of the design and functionality of the platform so that everything meets modern standards and does not alienate potential users. To develop the initial interface, those who wish turn to third-party organizations that are ready to do all the turnkey work for a fee, or use ready-made software that contains the necessary functions and significantly speeds up the process. Often these two points go together when the client first contacts a specialized company or a private person offering their services, and those, in turn, already use the software, since they are perfectly familiar with it and know exactly how everything works.

Among the software options that can speed up the process of creating a website, WordPress is the most popular. This site content management system is freely available and has a large number of various functions, which makes it suitable for both creating small niche blogs and developing news portals. According to statistics, more than half of the sites that exist on the Internet are created on the basis of WordPress. And this is about a billion portals of different directions. Accordingly, even if you work only with platforms created by this program, you can never experience a lack of information and data relevance.

However, creating a website is just the tip of the iceberg, because even the most unique and refined functionality will quickly lose all meaning for visitors if there is no decent content. It is important to regularly fill the site with information and maintain a sufficient level of article quality so that new users join the project and old ones continue to visit it regularly. But how to ensure the stable content of the site on your own? There are several options, and each of them has its own characteristics, differing in time, effort and cost:

  • People who are just starting to develop their own resource and do not want to make extra expenses (or do not have such an opportunity) can try to deal with this issue on their own. To do this, you will need to write articles manually, choosing the format you like. These can be short notes on a given topic, relevant blog posts, detailed texts on general or specific topics, or even multi-page works. In this case, everything depends only on the owner of the portal, since it is up to him to decide what direction will be here and what format he wants to adhere to. The advantages of this method are that you do not have to spend money on it. As long as a person does the work for himself on his own, he will not have to pay for it. The disadvantages are also obvious, because it will take a very long time to prepare enough content. It is important to understand that the content of the site is not five or ten articles. And not even a hundred. Hundreds of jobs are required, because it is important that each user can find exactly what he needs. If the site is about Japanese cars, then there should be not only representations of concerns, but also works on each model of each brand, as well as informational articles about the features of each car, their repair and much more. If the site is on the topic of gardening, then you will need descriptions of plants, features of working with them, tips on doing business and everything that a person who wants to find himself in this environment may need. Accordingly, there should be a lot of texts, and all of them should be quite voluminous in order to give an exhaustive answer to the question asked. And this applies only to similar topics with a general focus. But what if we are talking about a news portal, when a new article may be required every hour? In this case, it will be almost impossible to conduct activities independently and alone. If you do not get distracted and focus on your work, then the text can be prepared in two hours, not counting its design and placement. If you make 100 such texts, then this is 200 hours of pure time, which will only be spent on writing. Whether the owner is ready for such time costs is a big question. Also, an obvious disadvantage may lie in the fact that a person will not have a sufficient level of literacy and awareness of the topic. Narrowly focused topics imply the availability of relevant knowledge or the ability to use search engines. This increases the time cost. The person responsible for the set of articles should be familiar with spelling and understand exactly how to create and format the text. Otherwise, all the written works will be uninteresting to readers who will not want to wade through errors and typos, regardless of how interesting the information contained in the work is. In other words, there is a risk of wasting a lot of time.
  • The second option involves the use of specialist services for the preparation of relevant articles. Private copywriters and copywriting agencies are ready to get to work at any time, completing the task and preparing as many texts as necessary. The services of copywriters for filling content are available at any time and save the portal owner from having to spend his personal time solving this issue. Specialists will take over the preparation of the work, so it will only be necessary to place them. However, everything here is also far from as simple as it might seem at first glance. Yes, the advantage of this option is obvious: the work will be done by people who know exactly how and what needs to be done. Specialists will understand the topic, study all aspects, do formatting, fill texts with keywords for search queries and give out a finished product that meets the stated requirements. But to get all this, you will need to prepare a serious amount. We will consider the same example when a site needs 100 articles of standard size (7-10 thousand characters). This is about 10 minutes of reading. It is enough for the user to find out the necessary information and not get tired of the abundance of text. Sometimes, of course, more extensive work is required, and sometimes a simple note will be enough, but the average value looks exactly like this. At the same time, as noted earlier, 100 articles are not enough to consider the resource fully filled, because much more is needed. A copywriter who is able to solve the task without complaints charges at least 100 rubles for his services per 1000 characters. Accordingly, it will be necessary to spend at least 100 thousand rubles on the declared volume. And this is if we are not talking about an agency where prices will increase several times. 100 rubles is the standard cost. There are copywriters who charge more, and there are those who need much less. You can find an employee who will complete the entire volume for 30-40 thousand rubles. But is it worth contacting such an employee? Filling the site with the help of a specialist implies a complete solution to the issue when the task is solved and you do not have to return to it anymore. But not all copywriters offering their services, especially if we are talking about exchanges with a large number of users, are able to understand the issue competently. There is a risk that the deadlines will be overdue, and the quality of the texts will be noticeably lower than expected. Incorrect formatting, errors in grammar and terms will lead to the fact that either site visitors will not read such articles, or they will receive incorrect information from them. And you can't even say right away which of these options is worse. The customer will either be required to make edits on their own, spending their own time on it, which they wanted to avoid, or force the hired employee to edit the texts. That's just not the fact that he will do better the second or third time. From this we can conclude that seeking help from specialists can make the task easier, but it will not suit people who need a lot of articles, and, at the same time, have a limited budget.
  • The third option is to auto-fill the site using plugins. This is the optimal offer for the totality of all the resources spent. Plug-ins are programs that automatically fill in the necessary information, regardless of the given topic and the required volumes. The selected program is able to independently search for the specified criteria and find the necessary data. But from the plug-ins available on the market, it is important to choose the one that will meet the existing requirements, because otherwise, you can only waste time without getting the expected result. Initially, it is worth determining which sites the plugin is able to work with. It is important to understand that not all sites are ready to share the information provided, and it will not be possible to copy the texts from there. Therefore, it is necessary to initially take a large stock of the analyzed platforms so that such a problem does not become an obstacle. WordPress sites are best suited for this, since there are a lot of similar platforms, which will ensure that you find the information you need, even if it differs in a narrow specialization. WordPress plugins have many differences of their own, both in terms of functionality and cost, so the choice will not stop there. You need to make sure that the selected program has the necessary functions, current settings that allow you to work with modern versions of platforms, the ability to translate data from other languages and many other features that can ensure comfortable operation without any complaints. In this case, the search for articles to fill the site can be both inexpensive and not require spending a lot of time. And the volumes will reach the desired values, even if the portal owner needs several thousand texts on various topics. One of the best options is the A-Feed plugin, which combines a large number of advantages and is highly appreciated by both specialists and ordinary users who have already been able to appreciate all the advantages offered by this program.

Using the A-Feed plugin to crawl RSS feeds and search for the right information is relevant in a variety of situations, starting from creating a new portal from scratch and ending with maintaining the required level of the number of articles on the platform. It is worth choosing this option according to its obvious advantages, due to which A-Feed quickly became the leader of the segment and continues to improve, offering its customers more and more advantages.

Why you should choose the A-Feed plugin for auto-filling the site

When thinking about how much it costs to fill a website with content and how best to do it, most owners of their own sites decide to seek help from third-party specialists who are ready to offer their services at any time. The expediency of such a decision is questionable. Yes, there are those who can afford it and just don't want to figure anything out, entrusting the work to other people. But this way control over the process is lost and there is a risk that the site, as a result, will contain the wrong information that was originally planned. Besides, it's corny expensive. Both 50 thousand and 200 thousand can be asked for filling the site, and the final quality will still remain in question, even after the selected company demonstrates its past successes. Therefore, it is recommended to think carefully about this issue, not rushing to spend a large amount of money for a result that may be even worse than the one achieved by one's own efforts. Using the A-Feed plugin in this matter can help better than many specialists.

The very principle of the program is simple: it examines all WordPress sites according to the specified parameters, finding articles on the right topic there. The plugin is able to work around the clock, seven days a week, regularly updating feeds and providing more and more required content. Among the advantages that A-Feed has, it can be noted:

  • The cost of services. It should be noted immediately that for A-Feed users, filling the site will cost several dozen times cheaper than when contacting copywriters. If we are talking about one site, the price of the Premium tariff will be 2,900 rubles. If you plan to fill three sites at once, then 6900. If there are five sites, then 11900. For owners of several sites, each of which requires attention, it is enough to make simple calculations: filling five sites at once with hundreds of articles of 10 thousand characters for each, provided that the work of a copywriter costs only 100 rubles per 1000 characters, will cost half a million rubles. And this will be a one-time waste, when for further advancement it will be necessary to contact specialists again and prepare money again. 500 thousand rubles for articles. Will everyone be able to afford such a price? There are serious doubts about this. And if you buy a plugin, then the same sites will be filled for 11900 rubles. And this is not the price of the monthly tariff, although even so it would be much more profitable. This is a single cost for getting A-Feed for perpetual use. That is, when the program selects a hundred suitable articles, it will not stop there, but will continue to increase its momentum. This plugin for filling a WordPress site is able to work until the owner stops it. Thousands of articles can be posted on the specified site, and the cost of work will not change. Accordingly, for one site it will cost only 2,900 rubles. If you need to maintain two, four, six or more sites, you can set up tariffs by purchasing several options at once. The program also has a free version, which does not require any payment at all, but its functionality is very limited, therefore, you can use it, except to familiarize yourself with all the processes, after which you can purchase a full version.
  • Working with all sites created on WordPress gives the plugin access to almost limitless possibilities. Every second website in the world, and sometimes two out of three, are created on this platform. Accordingly, there will be no shortage of content. You will only need to select the sites that need to be analyzed, otherwise the plugin will simply get lost in the variety of offers. Regardless of how highly specialized the site is planned, there is no doubt that the network already has similar resources with the necessary articles that can be unique and transferred to itself. The main thing is that there is no copy protection on this site, but this is not common. In addition, A-Feed is able to work not only with Russian-language sites, but with all platforms in the world, which guarantees a successful solution to the task.
  • The ability to work with all sites is also an important advantage, which is difficult to initially realize. Let's assume that a user has made a website exclusively about gypsum plaster. Here he wants to talk about all the subspecies of this material, about the features of application, about the designs in which plaster can be used and much more. The narrow focus of the topic suggests that there are not so many such resources in the Russian-speaking segment. Many construction sites pay attention to this material, but only in passing, without going into details. And in order to fully reveal the features of gypsum plaster, it is not enough just a couple of articles. Of course, the example is conditional, but the meaning should be clear. And when the owner of such a site wants to carry out auto-filling, he may be faced with the fact that there are not so many offers where you can get the necessary articles. Let's say there will be only ten such sites. That's just the plugin is ready to work not only with Russian-language sites, but with all sites in the world. And even if there are portals on this topic in only 200 countries, and there will be only 5 of them, this is already a whole thousand options. Is it possible to fill your own website with such a large number, even if it is intended for a narrow circle of interested people? Undoubtedly. And this is done through the Yandex.Cloud service, for which the plugin owner will also need to pay. The prices there are affordable - the translation of a million characters costs less than 500 rubles, and this amount of characters will last for a long time. That is, the plugin for the unification of texts and the selection of content finds texts of the desired subject in almost any language of the world, and then translates it into Russian. In this simple way, you can get an absolutely unique article that does not exist in the Russian-speaking segment, and at the same time not spend a lot of time.
  • The hypertranslation function deserves special attention, which is not found in other plug-ins that work on a similar principle. Hypertranslation is the ability to translate texts several times without losing their quality and meaning. That is, you can take a good article in Russian, and give the plugin the command to perform hypertranslation. He will take the Russian-language text, translate it, for example, into German, then translate the result into French, then translate the French article into English, and translate the resulting version back into Russian. Due to the presence of a large number of synonyms in all languages and, in general, the fairly free operation of translation programs, after such transfers, the appearance of the text will undergo serious changes, and its meaning, at the same time, will remain the same. Thus, it is possible to unify an article, even if it was originally in the same language. Also, do not forget that working with popular topics can lead to the fact that some texts from foreign platforms have already been translated and posted somewhere. Then you can make a hypertranslation and get a different article with a high percentage of uniqueness. A-Feed works with all languages available in Yandex.Cloud, therefore, there are a lot of options for searching for information. And, accordingly, you can prepare articles not only in Russian, but also in any other language.
  • Working with text search and placement is not limited to copying the article. This plugin for filling a WordPress site can not only unify the text, but also prepare it for proper placement, correcting all unnecessary information. First, the search for suitable information on RSS feeds is carried out. The number of tapes can be endless, but you need to register each of them in the settings. For example, a user finds 10-15 sites around the world where the necessary information is available, and then registers them in the plugin settings for further scanning. After that, A-Feed scans these sites with regular frequency without reminders and takes new articles that appear there, if they match their content. The selection is carried out by means of keywords prescribed by the user. For example, when running a site about Mercedes cars, the user prescribes Mercedes in various variants, after which he can even specify a site with a common automotive theme for analysis. The plugin will reject everything unnecessary by itself, focusing only on articles about Mercedes. The settings also allow you to determine which blocks of information should be taken and which ones can be skipped. To do this, it is enough to select the necessary areas, since the program scans the entire page. That is, you can refuse to copy links to other texts that will lead to the wrong place, various ad blocks, tags and other points that are not required on the portal where the data goes. The user will also have the opportunity to post a link to the original source to thank the resource from which the article was taken. The update frequency is set manually and can vary from 1 hour to 2 days, depending on the tasks set. That is, if it is a news portal, then frequent updates are important there so that site visitors always stay up to date. And in thematic portals, this is not so critical, and new interesting texts are unlikely to appear so often.
  • When placing a found article, the plugin can place it both immediately on the page and in drafts for preliminary verification. Despite the quality of the information, it is recommended to preview the found works in order to be able to eliminate possible inaccuracies, if any. In addition, it is worth noting that not only the texts themselves can be copied, but also the images to them. This will make the article more intense, especially if we are talking about any manuals or detailed stories.
  • Since the analysis of the same site can be carried out an infinite number of times in search of new texts, the plugin also looks through previous works that may have already been added to the desired site. To protect yourself from copying and repeatedly posting the same text, there is a special button in the settings, thanks to which A-Feed can edit an already added article if there have been changes in the original source. If everything remains as it is, then there will be no new revisions and additions. This protects the user from repetitions. This way he can be sure that only new and useful information from trusted sources appears on his portal.

These are just the main advantages that the A-Feed plugin boasts. You can get to know the available advantages better by subscribing and getting started. The main advantage of the program is that its developers do not stop there and continue to improve their creation, finding points that can be improved or added. Thanks to this, users always have the opportunity to use the latest version, which is regularly updated.

In comparison with other options for auto-filling the site, the use of the plugin wins in all respects. It's fast, high-quality and inexpensive. At the same time, all articles will be relevant and unique, and their appearance will be more frequent than if you use the services of copywriters. Therefore, self-filling sites on Wordpress is in demand precisely through specialized programs that take on a large amount of work, leaving the owner of the resource only to make minor adjustments. Self-filling of the site, performed with the help of relevant texts from all over the world, is available in any field, regardless of which topic is indicated. The plugin will find articles on any topic equally well and ensure their regular publication, which will allow traffic to grow and the resource to become more and more popular, gradually gaining a leading position in its segment.