Unique texts for the site - plug-in or handmade

The key feature of each site, regardless of its subject matter and the country in which it was created, is the fullness of information. It is to obtain information that users visit the site and it is the quality of the information that determines how high the resource will be in search queries. And do not assume that this applies only to niche projects, such as websites about cars or construction. Texts are needed everywhere, and they must be unique everywhere, otherwise it will be difficult for the portal to become truly popular among potential users.

Perhaps this is a website about how to take care of cats. Perhaps about how to salt vegetables for the winter. Perhaps the creator of the portal wants to dedicate his creation exclusively to toasters. The essence, in this case, is not at all important, because unique texts on the site will be required in any case. At the same time, it is important to understand that there should be a lot of these texts. We are not talking about five or ten articles, but hundreds, since fullness will play no less a role in this matter than quality. But how can you get so many unique works and not spend a huge amount of time, effort and money? It is worth understanding in more detail.

Self-preparation of all necessary works

If this is a small site from a novice developer, then, most often, the idea comes to do the content yourself. When the budget is limited and the topic is narrowly focused, it remains only to roll up your sleeves and get to work. But this is not a really good idea. Of the advantages of it, one can only note the fact that everything will be done for free, since no one will have to pay for the work. But there are several disadvantages at once:

• It will take a very long time. Even if the user wants to minimize the number of required articles, it's still a few days of hard work. On average, it takes 2-3 hours for a person familiar with a computer and able to type quickly to prepare one article. If 50 such articles are needed, then the calculations will be quite simple. And if time is spent on preparing texts, then the rest of the work with the site, if any, will get up. Accordingly, you either need to really have a lot of free time, or look for some other option.

• To prepare high-quality work, you need to really understand the topic or spend extra hours studying information on the Internet. If there is no clear understanding of what the texts should be about and what data should be indicated in each of the works, it is generally better not to start articles, since it will be likely that all the time spent will be spent, as a result, on canvases that do not carry any semantic load and will simply be squandered by readers who they will quickly become disappointed in such a site.

• Do not forget that writing texts implies certain knowledge of the rules of the language and the basics of how to format the final work correctly. Even if the text is extremely informative, it may contain a large number of errors and typos, and the appearance will be a solid sheet without any divisions into paragraphs and lists. Not every reader will be able to break through such creativity, which will also negatively affect the final attitude of visitors to the portal.

• Texts should be prepared not only for readers, but also for search engines. They need keywords, descriptions, and other points that allow them to appear in users' browsers after entering the appropriate query. For example, the resource is aimed at providing detailed information about working with paving slabs. The creator of the site will prepare a voluminous text on how to lay it, but the phrase "how to lay paving slabs correctly" will not appear in this text once. A user who wants to get an answer to his question will enter this particular query in the browser search bar, but he will not find this article, simply because there will be no matches. And even if this text is the most comprehensive in the entire segment, it will not receive due attention.

Based on these points, we can draw a simple conclusion that you need to think carefully before deciding to independently prepare texts for your own website. If this idea may initially seem successful, then as a result such a decision may do more harm than good, after which you will still have to turn to other options, but having already lost a lot of time and effort.

Copywriting services

As you know, there are specialists who are ready to take on any task and successfully implement it, regardless of the subject and volume. There are a lot of copywriters on the web, so it won't be a problem to find the right one. You can contact the appropriate agency specializing in content, or you can look for a private specialist on one of the copywriting exchanges. In this case, it will be enough to describe the task in detail and wait for the result. Experts know how to prepare a text correctly, how to avoid mistakes and how to fill it with keywords. But there are also a number of obvious disadvantages, including:

• The cost of work, in this case, can seriously hit your pocket. The average price of a copywriter's work varies around 100 rubles per 1000 characters. If 200 texts of 5 thousand characters are required, then this is 100 thousand rubles. If 100 articles of 10 thousand characters are required, then this is still 100 thousand rubles. Yes, even if you need only 20 works of 10 thousand, then this is already 20 thousand rubles. And this is if we are talking about a private employee. In the agency, prices will be higher, since not only the contractor needs to earn money there, but also his immediate supervisor. Is the owner of the new website willing to pay that kind of money? And if you consider that the full content of the site implies far from 20 or even 100 articles, then the final cost will be even higher. You can do everything gradually, ordering works in a small volume, but even if you stretch the preparation of all texts for a year, the amount will still remain the same. Therefore, contacting copywriters is popular only in cases where it is necessary to prepare a minimum number of texts in order to pointwise close information gaps.

• Finding a competent copywriter is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It is not enough to simply contact the first specialist you come across, as there is a risk of encountering an unscrupulous employee who is unable to perform the task at the proper level. As a result, the texts will be ready with a long delay in time and with a lot of errors, or they will not be ready at all. And it doesn't matter if the mistakes are grammatical or punctuation. It's bad, but they can be dealt with. It is much worse if the errors are in the very information provided in the form of incorrect data, which will mislead the reader.

• Working with outside experts can be fraught with spending a lot of money, but also nerves. Constant arguments that something has been done wrong, some information is missing, and some is provided incorrectly, can set the site owner up in a negative way. And in order to accurately find an employee who will not allow such mistakes, you will have to pay even more.

The services of copywriters will be useful for those people who need to prepare one, two or three articles on specific topics, since in this case you will not have to spend a lot of money and, at the same time, you will be able to get a decent result. If we are talking about hundreds of works, then this option raises serious concerns.

Plugin for auto-filling

The best solution would be to auto-fill the site using the appropriate plugin, such as A-Feed. With the help of the program, you can get rid of most of the shortcomings described earlier, and get exactly the result that every owner of their own site strives for. The A-Feed plugin is able to unify the text and prepare the required amount of work, regardless of what volume the user initially needs.

The A-Feed plugin works as follows:

• Initially, the user needs to choose the version of the program for himself. You can use the free offer, but it lacks a number of key features, due to which this plugin is highly appreciated among users and experts. You can purchase a Premium version, the cost of which is several dozen times lower than the services of copywriters. Maintaining one site will cost 2,900 rubles. And this is not the price for a month or a certain period, but a one-time cost forever. At the same time, you can use the plugin as much as you want until the site is fully ready. Also on the program's website there are versions for maintaining three or five sites at the same time, which can be combined in case of any other needs.

• Having put the grabber at their disposal, the user adjusts its operation so that all tasks are performed as clearly as possible. To do this, you first need to select RSS feeds in which you will search for the necessary texts, after which the plugin will regularly study the information received in them in order to find the right material.

• The selected articles, as well as, if necessary, images for them, can be placed both immediately on the specified page of the site and in a draft so that the user can pre-examine the article and make some edits to it, if necessary.

• The plug-in works around the clock, and the frequency of updates and information searches is set by the user himself and can vary from one hour to two days, depending on relevance and need. That is, if we are talking about a website dedicated exclusively to Nissan cars, then it is unlikely that any key news appears there every hour. This means that you can not drive the plugin in vain, setting, for example, the frequency of updates once a day. But if this is a site with all sorts of gossip from the lives of stars, then speed will be of key importance here, because you need not only to quickly find new news, but also post it so that users interested in this topic, when searching for information, get to this site.

• A-Feed clearly filters all incoming information, focusing on the keywords specified by the owner. That is, using the same example, if you need news specifically about Kim Kardashian, then only articles mentioning or directly involving Kim will be included in the template.

It is important to clarify that we are talking specifically about working with sites created on WordPress. This is the most popular program for creating websites and more than half of the portals around the world are made with its help, therefore, no problems will arise. However, still, A-Feed is not able to analyze all sites in the world. However, even so, there will still be more than a billion of them. The plugin for filling a WordPress site, in this case, will be able to find the necessary texts, it is only important to set the search direction for it.

How exactly is the unicalization carried out

Separately, it is worth analyzing why the A-Feed plugin is in demand among users who want to fill their sites with original and unique content. The program does not write texts itself, it takes them from other sources, looking for works on the right topic. One might assume that this makes no sense, because you can copy works from other sources manually, but here lies the usefulness of the plugin, because it not only copies, but also makes the article unique. And this moment is fulfilled due to the translation and hypertranslation functions:

• The plugin works not only with sites in the same language, but in general with all sites created on WordPress. That is, it is able to search for information on any portals on this topic, regardless of which country this portal is registered in. For example, if we are talking about the same resource with gossip from star life, then it is obviously worth, first of all, studying sites from the USA, since reporters there will find out everything first. By setting a regular update frequency and specifying one of the American resources on this topic in the RSS feed, you can quickly delight your own readers with fresh news about the lives of Hollywood stars and various representatives of local show business, doing this even before the information gets to other news sources. The plugin will take such an article and translate it into the desired language through the Yandex.Cloud service. This service is not free, you will also have to pay for its use, but the amount there is small, so the owner will be able to afford such a waste in order to receive regular content from abroad.

• If a site has already copied a foreign text and translated it into the desired language, the hypertranslation function comes into play, which will make translations until the article becomes unique again. That is, you can take an article about BMW cars in German, even directly from the concern's website, translate it into French, then into English and then into Russian. So the work, even if it is already available in the Russian-speaking segment, will acquire serious differences and will be unique again.

• A similar trick can be performed with those texts that were originally written in the desired language. By translating them into other languages twice, the plugin will be able to perform the unification without loss of meaning.

Thus, the developers have equipped their product with a key tool. A plugin for filling a site with similar capabilities compares favorably with competitors who are not able to provide the same level of uniqueness.

Why make texts unique at all

Many owners of their own portals believe that there is no point in looking for any ways to find and post unique articles, because you can always copy information on some other similar resource and place it to yourself. This option is only suitable for those people who do not care about the quality of their own content. And now we are not even talking about the fact that this is a banal theft, but that such a site will never rise to the top in its segment. One could assume that using a plugin is also theft in some sense, but, firstly, the program makes the article different from the original so that there are no obvious similarities, and secondly, in the settings the user can always choose the function of displaying a link to the source so that no disputes arise.

The uniqueness of the text is important for the following reasons:

• Original works are important for indexing by search engines. When a user enters a query in the browser, he comes across only original works or those that were posted first. If someone copies the information, they will not be on the first page, which means that random visitors simply will not reach this site, because they will meet the exact same article much earlier.

• A unique article is able to attract a new audience who will be able to learn something new about the topic they are interested in, which they have not met before. For example, let's assume that we are talking about a website about building materials. There are many such portals, and it will be problematic to achieve popularity among such a variety using only banal topics. But if you use A-Feed and, for example, send it to Chinese sites, you can find a number of articles about unique and little-studied technologies or materials, information about which is almost not found in the desired language segment. Thus, the user will receive unique and original works that will interest new customers.

• The uniqueness and originality of the texts will have a beneficial effect on possible cooperation with potential partners. Regardless of the subject of the site, its owner may try to establish contact with one of the companies specializing in this field and start cooperation, for example, by placing an advertisement for this company on his portal. This will bring additional income from the partnership, but firms will not do business with sites that simply copy information from other sources. For them, a more logical solution would be to contact the content authors directly.

The unification of texts is an integral part of the work for all website owners who want to bring their creation to a leading position in the segment. And there are several ways to achieve this indicator, of which the A-Feed plugin looks the most preferable. You do not need to pay a lot for its use, you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort on it, you do not need to constantly check it so that it does not start performing unnecessary tasks.

Thanks to this program, many portals are already filled with high-quality content. The owners even made their own separate website, which can be found on the web, where all the content is left to the plug-in. The installed counters demonstrate that the program has already found more than 3 thousand articles on specified topics for the portal and posted them. Yes, translated texts, even with a good translation program, may still require a little editing, but it is much simpler and easier than writing everything from scratch. In addition, the plugin can find texts on topics that the creator would not even think of.