Working with Yandex TIC: how to increase the value with the help of third-party programs

The credibility of a web resource can be determined by several different criteria, each of which has a certain degree of objectivity. Sometimes the emphasis is on the number of visitors and views, they say, if a site has a lot of users, then it is popular and enjoys credibility. Someone is appreciated for the quality of the material provided, even if the traffic is not that big. It immediately becomes clear that the portal is focused on experts in a particular topic and may not be so interesting to a wide audience, but professionals will be able to find the necessary data here. Someone generally evaluates portals solely by their popularity in search networks. That is, which site appears first when entering a specific query, that is the authority. In practice, everything is much more complicated, because credibility is determined not only by quantity and quality, but also by a number of other indicators. One of the most famous of them is the Yandex TIC.

The Yandex Thematic citation Index is a technology that determines the relevance of a resource due to the links leading to it. The emphasis is on a simple and understandable fact: the better the information on the site, the more often other people use it, because this is the main task of any portal – to provide new and relevant knowledge. And it is important to understand that we are not talking about linking on the site, but about third-party links on other resources. And the more popular this site is, the more such a link is appreciated.

Reports on TIC indicators could previously be observed in Yandex itself, but the company has slightly changed the concept, so now third-party resources are used for this, tracking indicators and counting according to the same principles. The main criteria in this case are as follows:

• If a site has one link to the portal you are looking for on different pages, then only one link is counted in the total, since the amount of useful data is important, not just the number of initial links. Accordingly, if there are several different references to the source of the published data, then all of them will be taken into account when calculating.

• If links are posted on free hosting sites, blogs or forums, then such options are not taken into account in the final calculation. Viewing is carried out only on more or less popular sites, and local forums do not belong to them. In addition, there is a risk of cheating this indicator on the forums, for which Yandex can seriously punish the site. There is no moderation on such resources, and any user can publish any records, which is fraught with false data that negatively affects the overall rating.

• If the site appeared in the TIC, it does not mean that it will stay there for a long time. Moderators and programs closely monitor all factors, including the quality of the presented content. If the posted articles are not unique and do not carry any practical benefit, then the rating can be reset. Similar sanctions are also applied to those who are suspected of cheating or are openly caught in it. All checks are carried out strictly and categorically, Yandex generally may not explain the decision in any way and will not even allow it to be challenged.

Based on this data, a simple conclusion can be drawn – in order to receive a rating in the Yandex TIC, you need to regularly replenish your site with high-quality and original content that will be in demand among visitors. And this applies to all possible topics, because the more useful articles there are, the more they will be talked about by posting links to them. And to provide the site with such articles, you will need to use the appropriate plug-in for auto-filling.

Why is A-Feed necessary to work with TIC?

The plugin for filling the site is an excellent solution for all resource owners who want to fill them with unique content. For example, the A-Feed plugin is able to provide a regular flow of information from various sources, without requiring any special costs. It is enough to purchase the premium version of the program and understand the intricacies of its work so that you can safely begin to bring the resource to a leading position. The advantages in this case are obvious:

• It will take much less money. There will be no need to pay serious amounts to copywriters for the performance of all work, since the content will be made through a program that requires only a one-time payment without any additional payments or monthly contributions. The amounts during the calculations will differ by several dozen times, since the copywriter needs to pay for each text separately.

• It will take much less time. When ordering articles from a copywriter, you will need to discuss each article separately, select topics and wait for the result. Or, if you write everything yourself, then generally spend several weeks only on minimal content for the resource. With the plugin, articles are selected regularly, up to several dozen per day.

• It will take much less effort. The plugin for auto-filling a WordPress site allows you to understand the settings and prepare everything exactly as required for a successful solution. Even people who are not familiar with the intricacies of such work will be able to correctly expose the presented functionality, since all the buttons are clear, and there is also a separate small video for training directly on the plugin's website. It is enough to select the appropriate RSS feeds, set keywords and set a timer so that the A-Feed continues to act independently.

• The main reason for using this program is that it does not just copy texts, placing non-unique works on a given resource, but formats them and translates them into several languages, resulting in a ready-made and unique article that may need only a slight edit. This effect can be achieved thanks to translation and hypertranslation – the plugin can find articles suitable for the topic on any site in the world and translate them to the desired one, and sometimes translate several times, thereby increasing the percentage of uniqueness. So the owner of the portal in Russian will be able to host text from German, Korean, Spanish or any other site, without worrying that this is a non-unique work, because of which the indicator in the TIC may be reset.

Thanks to this plugin for filling the site, the resource will be able to get the necessary number of high-quality and unique articles without requiring unnecessary actions from the owner. Using the A-Feed plugin, you can increase the popularity of the site among users and achieve the result when specific texts are referenced throughout the network. And if links to the site are regularly posted by other users on other portals, then the rating in the Yandex thematic citation index will grow rapidly upwards. And that is why it is important to take care of the uniqueness of articles and the search for new, suitable works.