Running the site through catalogs - spam mailing lists to increase traffic

In search of ways to promote their own Internet resource, many owners of such portals are diving deeper into the web of the network, looking for suitable techniques and determining exactly how to proceed. Someone does not pay enough attention to this issue, which is why good sites often remain unclaimed, simply because no one knows about them. Someone, on the contrary, tries too hard, which is why the resource begins to irritate users, and the information presented on it, even if it is useful, remains unclaimed because of this. Everyone acts according to their own ideas about the path of development, but there are several standard methods that remain in demand, regardless of the circumstances.

One of these methods is to run the site through catalogs. This is a kind of mailing list, when a site is added to various thematic lists and begins to regularly catch the eye of potential users, making it more in demand among the audience. Cataloging can be compared to handing out flyers, when bright booklets with discounts on rolls or bargain shoes are distributed to all people indiscriminately, even if they do not need shoes at all or are allergic to fish. Most of them will throw these booklets into the nearest trash can, someone will put them in their pocket to throw them away later, and a couple of people will be interested in the offer and maybe even take advantage of it. So it is here. The vast majority of web users will not pay any attention to the link, but a small part will be interested and, perhaps, even follow the link. Especially if they are really interested in the topic that the site is focused on.

It is believed that a run is a spam mailing list that causes more irritation than real benefit. But this is not quite true. We can say that this was the case a few years ago, when such a method of advertising was more in demand. But now this is one of the ways to convey to a potential visitor the information that such a site exists and useful information can be found on it. Considering how many portals there are for each topic in general, it is worth doing this for every resource owner who wants to stand out from the general mass.

Features of cataloging?

A few years ago, the link mass was almost a key factor in ranking Internet resources in search queries. Runs were carried out en masse, any ideas were used, as long as they could bring at least a little extra traffic. But over time, this criterion has greatly lost its relevance. Now, in order to get to the top, you need not only to attract users, but also to keep them by offering better introductions than competitors in the category. Nevertheless, catalog runs are still in demand, but they are now performed much more accurately. And sites operating the old-fashioned way, with the help of various bots and markups, can generally be punished by search engines, which is why they will not get to the first pages.

Among the features that should be taken into account when conducting this type of activity, it can be noted:

• You should register the site in trust directories manually, without using bots. You should carefully choose the right category and not shove links wherever possible. This way you can pointwise influence the popularity of a resource and not violate the rules established by search engines.

• You should first examine the selected catalog and see which sites are already hosted there. If there are resources among them that are not trustworthy, then it is better to refrain from using this catalog.

• You can use not only the catalog of sites, but also the catalog of articles, where thematic texts filled with hyperlinks are published. You should apply the same rules to them, and also make sure that the links are working.

• Specialized bulletin boards are still in demand and relevant. Here is the same principle as in real life – the user studies the presented ads and finds the information he needs. If you choose the right region to place such an ad and choose the thematic category correctly, you can increase the traffic of the resource and raise the level of sales if some products or services are offered on it.

• Forums should be handled carefully and, if possible, avoided altogether. Forums often do more harm than good when moderators fail to cope with the flow of incoming spam or there is no moderation at all. Such sites will not be taken into account by search engines, moreover, the sites advertised on them will also fall under suspicion. It is better to find a good thematic forum specifically on the subject of the resource, to be active there and leave a minimum number of links. One will be enough. The same rules apply to blogs.

• There are special programs for running. There are both paid and free options, but each has its own characteristics and disadvantages that you should familiarize yourself with before you start working.

With a competent and rational approach, you can achieve some success when running through catalogs, but it is important not to forget to take care of other points

Unifying articles to increase the popularity of the site

It is important to understand that it is not enough just to offer your product to users. It is also necessary that he meets their expectations and justifies himself. That is, what is the point of making a run if there is nothing useful on the resource? Let's say potential visitors get interested and click on the link, but what will they see there? Therefore, you should first take care of filling the site with unique and relevant information that can prove that the advertisement was not made in vain, and you can really find useful articles here. And to post these most useful articles, you will need the help of the A-Feed plugin, with which you can get several obvious advantages:

• Due to the plugin, you can ensure that the site is filled with unique articles on a regular basis. The program itself will find suitable texts according to the specified parameters and place them, constantly updating the information provided and updating it. The program will unify the articles and will be able to work continuously for several years, until the owner himself wants to stop it.

• The plugin for filling the site will regularly crawl all the specified RSS feeds and search for suitable texts using the established keywords. The user determines which themes he needs. At the same time, there can be an infinite number of tapes, everything depends solely on the need.

• A-Feed works with all resources created on WordPress, regardless of the country where they are located. This is more than a billion sites, among which it is guaranteed that you can find several dozen, or even hundreds, portals focused on the same topic as the site that needs to be filled. When detecting a suitable article, the plugin translates it until it achieves the required level of uniqueness, so that a ready-made and original article gets to the resource, regardless of what language it was originally written in. Even if the text was immediately in the right language, the plugin, thanks to the hypertranslation function, will be able to translate it into several languages, returning it to its original form with a high percentage of uniqueness.

• Auto-filling of the site will occur automatically, and the portal owner will be able to spend this time on other important points, such as resource design, run preparation, working with TIC, etc.

• The cost of using the plug-in to fill the A-Feed site allows you not to worry about your own funds, since for one site it is only 2,900 rubles. For this price, the user receives the program for eternal use, without the need for further investments.

In order to run through the catalogs and achieve the expected result, you should take care in advance that the site is fully ready for the arrival of new visitors who will start looking for relevant and interesting information here. If there are no unique and useful articles on the portal, then no tricks and mailing lists will help it gain popularity. That is why it is so important to take care of the content and uniqueness, which can be done most easily using the A-Feed plugin.

Of course, you can try to do everything manually or use copywriting services, but it will take a lot of your own time or your own money, since preparing a sufficient number of high-quality and unique articles is a task that not everyone can do. Copywriters will demand serious payment for it, and an independent solution to the issue may lead to insufficiently literate and easy-to-read works. The plugin solves both of these problems at the most reasonable price.