Creating a movie site - how to make a popular resource and fill it with content

Choosing the right direction to create a new website that can attract a large number of users and bring regular profits, it is often difficult to determine which area should be given an advantage. Traditionally, resources with automotive, construction or legal topics are considered popular, but in these areas it is quite difficult to create a product that will not only be at a decent level, but will also be able to lure some of the traffic to itself. Netizens interested in these topics have already identified a suitable platform for themselves to receive the information they are interested in, and it will not be easy to attract them to themselves. Therefore, website creators often explore other niches that are popular, and one of them is movie sites.

The creation of a movie site involves the use of a large number of films, which may cause concern due to the fact that the portal will be quickly covered by the relevant services. However, in fact, this rarely happens. Many popular resources have been living for years, filling the customer base and bringing the owners a solid income without any complaints. The main thing is that the site contains really high-quality content and is easy to use, because many developers do not care about these aspects, stuffing each page with a large number of ad blocks and trying to make money only on this. This may work, but all users will be disposable, because once they get acquainted with such functionality, visitors are unlikely to come here again.

To make a website about movies, you need to ensure its proper content, because it's not enough just to add videos, descriptions for each of them are also important so that the user has an idea of what exactly this movie is and whether it's worth watching. And, at the same time, it is necessary to determine exactly how many films should be added. Every visitor to the resource should have a full-fledged choice, where they can get acquainted with the categories, countries of production, years of release and specific paintings. We are talking about several hundred films and TV series, each of which should have its own page and its own description. Not every developer can cope with this.

You can fill out a movie site yourself by manually filling in each description or printing it based on your own impressions, or copying information from other resources. But, in the first case, you will need to study all hundreds of films yourself, which will take years of work, and in the second, non-unique content will be presented on the site, which is why the resource will fall into the depths of search engines and will not be popular among potential visitors. You can also ask for help from copywriters who are ready to make short descriptions at a low price, but even so the cost will amount to several tens of thousands of rubles. Therefore, the best solution would be to use the A-Feed plugin, with which the problem will be solved without much effort.

Why is A-Feed the best choice?

The user will need to fill in the site automatically, regardless of which concept he adheres to when developing his own movie portal. Popular options are when the site is made a copy of another, more popular resource, but with a different address. It used to be with Kinogo, now with Lordfilm. Dozens of identical copies, among which it is already difficult to find the original, working on a similar principle and containing hundreds of films. But such a path is unlikely to lead to success. Yes, the site will generate income, but carbon copy sites do not allow a particular product to stand out from the general mass, which means that he can only hope that among dozens of options a potential visitor will click on this link. You can also use a different approach, trying to create an original product. Yes, at first it will not be in demand, but for this purpose it needs filling, due to which it is possible to rise to a leading position.

The initial basis on which the site is made will also play an important role. The most convenient option would be WordPress, through which you can create an original and free design with all the necessary functions. And then you will have to choose a plugin for filling the site on WordPress, since this option is noticeably better than other filling methods for several obvious reasons. For example, the A-Feed plugin is ready to offer potential users the following advantages:

• Profitable use of the program, which requires only a one-time premium payment of 2,900 rubles. For this amount, the site owner receives a plugin for eternal use and can endlessly fill the resource with relevant information until he gets tired of it. There is also the possibility of using the free version of the program, however, its functionality is quite severely curtailed, which is why the owner will lose most of the features. This amount, which must be paid for the premium version, is equivalent to 30-40 descriptions of films written by a copywriter. This figure is clearly not enough to fill the site, since several hundred similar descriptions are needed, and the plugin will not only be able to prepare the right amount at once, but will also continue to find information for new paintings in the future, without requiring additional investments.

• The plugin works quickly by examining the specified RSS feeds and extracting the necessary information from them, according to the specified keywords. Similarly, you can choose a competent and detailed description for any, even not the most popular movie, both with and without spoilers. In addition, A-Feed will immediately find the necessary technical information, such as the genre, year and location of filming, the composition of the crew and actors, as well as the rating of the picture on the largest portals, be it IMDb, Kinopoisk, Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes.

• The plugin is equipped with the possibility of translation, due to which it is guaranteed that information about any film can be found, even if no one knows it in Russia. A-Feed scans all the world's sites in any language and translates the data for placement. That is, if we are talking about a Russian site, then you can add a little-known South Korean action movie to it and find a detailed description directly on one of the South Korean sites, so it will be relevant and unique information that is not available anywhere else. Accordingly, you might as well create a website for South Korea, post a little-known Russian film on it and choose the right description.

• In addition to the standard translation, A-Feed is equipped with a hypertranslation that guarantees the uniqueness of the text even in the case of selecting a description for a popular and in-demand movie. If we are talking about the conditional "Avengers", then there will be a lot of informative articles about this film both in the language of the site and in others. To add a unique text without typing it manually, you need to give the plugin the appropriate command. After that, the program will perform several translations at once to make the original text unique. As a result, even if the article was originally in the same language that is required, after the plugin first translates it into French, then into Japanese, then into English and back, it will become unique, retaining the original meaning. This will help even if someone else has already translated the article from a reputable foreign source, because it can be translated again, which is why some words will be replaced, adding a percentage of uniqueness.

• Filling a WordPress site using the A-Feed plugin does not require any special knowledge and skills from the user. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation and study the presented settings, which will allow you to immediately begin to achieve the desired result, gradually making your own site more and more saturated. For example, you can configure which blocks the plugin will copy, whether it will be only the text of the article itself or the surrounding elements will also be required, whether they are ratings, tags or comments. You can also set the time for automatic updates, ranging from one hour to two days. For example, there is some new movie that has not yet got a full description, so you can give a command to the program so that when it first appears, it immediately places the text on the desired page.

• In addition to the text, the plugin for filling the site will be able to prepare images, which is especially important in the context of cinema, since all kinds of posters, footage from filming and promotional materials can arouse additional interest in the viewer and make the page more saturated.

Working with a movie site implies its own characteristics that cannot be found on classic news or information portals. Here you can't put everything in one pile or collect all possible texts on the same topic, since the focus is completely different. It is necessary to act precisely so that each submitted film has only one page containing the necessary information, and not dozens of articles from various bloggers and film critics. And the A-Feed plugin will be able to cope with this task. The portal owner will only need to direct the actions of the plugin, correcting its actions and indicating exactly how to proceed. A few minutes will be enough to get acquainted with the functionality, after which you can run the program and enjoy the final result.

Thanks to this opportunity, you can seriously think about creating a full-fledged portal for watching movies that can bring a stable and high income. In most countries, there is no clear regulatory body monitoring such sites and pinpointing specific laws that may be violated. The same Roskomnadzor does not block the leading sites, limiting itself to irregular warnings. Therefore, you should not worry about violating any possible rules, because it is enough to get acquainted with the information on the web to understand how legitimate and in demand this area of activity is.

And when the basis for the portal is ready, a plug-in for filling it will come into play, due to which you will not have to waste your own time, not spend a lot of money on the services of third-party copywriters and not worry that the site will remain without normal content. The longer the plugin works, the more extensive and deeper the information base will become, which means that the more visitors there will be who will provide the right level of traffic and lead the owner of the resource to the final success.

It is only important to remember that the plugin is not able to solve all the problems, and the rest of the design will have to be done independently or with the help of specialists, because in addition to the descriptive part, there should be films themselves on the cinema site, which will initially attract users. You will need a competent breakdown into categories, such as the country responsible for creating the picture, genre, year of release, cast and much more, suitable design and a lot of content so that even the most demanding visitor can find exactly what is needed to have a good time.